This is how we do templates.

   The laser system from Intown Granite gathers template information on a full-sized tablet PC and allows the homeowner to watch the countertop being drawn in real time. Each two laser points selected creates a line between them, representing an edge of the countertop. 
   The templater can then manipulate the shapes as he needs. The LT-55 from Laser Products Industries uses a control screen on the tablet that offers easy-to-use CAD commands that allow the professional to adjust the countertop lines and shapes to the wishes of the homeowner.  

Revolutionary Machinery.

Fabricating Countertops.

Premium QUARTZ that look like marble.

This is the SawJet. This is a revolutionary concept in the cutting world. It is the synergistic combination of two technologies; The CNC Saw & and The CNC waterjet. This machine has changed the way stone is processed. Finally, you have the best of both worlds and the refinement and perfection of the modern CNC stone saw.
By using the most advanced, state-of-the-art machinery, Intown Granite accurately produces projects of any size. From precisely executed countertop cuts to elaborate edge profiles, our technology has helped us to become one of the most reliable countertop companies in the Seattle area.
 If you want premium quality stone coupled with the experience and technological ability to produce your specific project, look no further than Intown Granite and its suppliers. 

Where Does Your Countertop Come From?

As an igneous rock, granite is found in mountains across the globe, ( quarries) however, there are some particular spots that manage to produce the quality that is fit enough to be kitchen countertops. Once you learn about the origins of granite, you’ll be even more impressed about how this natural wonder is transformed into a home good.
There's no doubt that nature is capable of incredible feats, but did you realize that granite countertops are one of them? 
Incredible forces come together to produce household beauties like the White Ice, Azul Nuevo and Fantasy Brown.