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If I have any problems after installation, Is there anyone I can call? 

When the work is done you can sleep well at night knowing every work we do for you is fully guaranteed for a year. If you ever develop a problem with any of our work, we’re just a phone call away from taking care of it for you. But if you call after a year we'll still come take a look at the problem and provide help in solving it. We know we will only succeed if we take good care of each of our customers. 

Do I need to seal my stone after installation? 

The last step in the installation process is your stone resealing. It's sealed before we buy it, but after the fabrication and installation process we seal it again to ENSURE maximum protection of your investment, even though we normally can't provide warranty on natural stones. For ease of maintenance, you may want to seal it about every year depending on stone type and use. Please check with us depending on which stone you buy. 

I am remodeling my kitchen. When should I place my order? 

About a week to two weeks before your cabinets will be ready for new counters. Your cabinets must be installed before we can do the template. We recommend Selecting your stone as early as possible so you can make the rest of your design choices around the color of stone you choose.
This is the approach many designers take to make the design process easier as your new countertop will be the focal point.

Do you have a showroom available?

Yes, and we have just expanded it. We have many slabs in stock for you to see. However, if you do not see what you want here, each of our suppliers have showrooms and you can go there to see even more slabs.  
Our suppliers will not give you prices, but you can reserve your choice at no charge with them. Then notify us and we will complete your quote.

Do you have remnants available?

Yes, we have a large selection that is ever changing. Typically, due to size, we only use remnants for bathroom vanities. We will not use remnants in kitchens because of possible matching issues without your prior consent. Come on down and see the variety available.

Can I pick out the slab(s) for my project?

Yes, if we do not have what you are looking for in our warehouse, you can go to more of our suppliers warehouses. If you find a slab you like, you can put it on hold under our name. The supplier will hold the slab for a couple of weeks without paying for it, and a couple of extra weeks once they've been purchased. 

How many slabs do I need for my project?

Naturally, it will vary according to the size of your project. Even though the granite slab may be approximately 60 square feet, we will not be able to get 60 square feet of counter space out of it. Just how many square feet we can get is dependent on the shapes, placement, and sizes being fabricated. 
For instance, a circle or large radius will create more waste than a square or rectangle. We use experience and computer layout to obtain the best utilization of the materials for you.

How big is each slab?

It varies. Quartz is the most consistent with different sizes available. Granite at Approximately 60 square feet is next. Other type stone slabs will be smaller than granite slabs and can vary greatly in size.

Why are your prices so low?

We do not have the overhead that many large fabricators do, so we do not have to pass the cost on to you. We buy materials in bulk direct from the quarry which can save you Hundreds of dollars.  
Perhaps more importantly, our owners actually preform a lot of the work which both helps keep labor costs down and ensures that you get the best quality along with our low prices.

How much will my job cost?

There are many factors that go into pricing a job.
The basic price is based on the square footage of the project and the material selected. The type of equipment used, number of sinks needed, cutouts (sink and stove), edge profile and if the old removal of all counters is required (tearout) will all effect the final price.  A close estimate can be done by filling out our online quote request or sending us the basic layout of your project with the dimensions.  We will suppoy the quote in 3 grades, Granite, Quartzite, and Quartz.
Then, if you like what you see, we would ask that you come in and choose your stone. At That point, we collect a down payment of 60% and schedule an appointment for us to come to your home and do the template. At the template appointment, we use the latest laser equipment to get an accurate measurement of the square footage your project will use and make any adjustments necessary. A week after the template, we will return to install your countertops. After installation is complete, we will collect the final payment.

Do you do any plumbing or electrical work?

We are not licensed to do electrical or plumbing work. However as a courtesy we will disconnect your plumbing if we do your tearout. 

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